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Studying English vocabulary is really easy using our advanced learning technologies. Learn thousands of words simply by logging in and spending 10-20 minutes studying every day. You will be amazed at the results.

Register to get started

To study English online you must first register. Press the Register button and enter your first name, your email address, your first language and a password. We will send you an email to confirm your email address and you simply click the link to get going.

Log in and start learning

When you log in, the system will take you to the main menu. The main menu will give you a choice of vocabulary to study. The system will remember your first language and all the instructions will be in your language.

Select a category and select a deck to study

Click on a category to select it. The category will then open and you will see 10 decks. Click on the deck you want to study. The deck will open and you will see a flashcard containing a word.

Study words

When you see a word you will also see a button that says Show the Answer. Click on this button and it will you show you the translation in your language. Click the audio button to hear the word.

Tell the system how well you know the word

Before you study another word you must tell the system how well you know the word. It is important to be honest with yourself. Select one of four buttons: Know well, Know, Partly know, Don’t know. Once you have pressed the button the next word will appear.

Review words you have already studied

The system schedules words to review. The time lapse between sessions and the number of words you have already studied will determine the number of words scheduled for review. You will review these words before studying new words.

You see the words you don’t know more frequently

The system will show you the words you don’t know much more frequently. This obviously helps you learn them.

Review your Lifetime Deck

Once you have learned a word it will join your Lifetime Deck. The Lifetime Deck is a place where all the words from all the decks that you know can be reviewed. The Lifetime Deck schedules reviews depending on the number words you have learned and the time lapse between sessions.

It is strongly recommended that you study your Lifetime Deck because it will help you commit more words to your long term memory.

Ending your study session

To finish a study session simply click the Home button. The system will have retained all the data ready for your next session.

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